A Modern Love Story

After you have a baby the standards for romance are at an all time low. Men, take advantage. 

The simple act of not waking your sleep deprived wife in the morning is enough to make her forget that you didn't even stir when the newborn was up 64 times throughout the night. 


Wardrobe Needs This Fall: VELVET EVERYTHING

Okay, not everything but at least something.

Truth be told, I have always hated velvet. This was mostly likely because of the many many matching velvet holiday outfits my sisters and I had been forced to wear the 80s. That aside, I did start to warm up to velvet after being a buyer for a few years and seeing it done right.

In the right silhouette by the right designer velvet can be very luxe and even a little bad ass. A blazer is the perfect way to wear this trend. Easy to throw on over jeans and a tee with a killer loafer or worn over a body con midi dress with booties. Best of all a well-cut velvet blazer is timeless and will become a fall staple long after the velvet trend has left the building. If are looking to invest: Saint Laurent velvet blazer in black would be a pretty amazing addition to any wardrobe. Loving the deep green in the Frame blazer and if you want something more fun, this Zara paisley blazer would be good buy for the season. 

Saint Laurent $2490 | Frame $578 | Zara $169

Two trends, one shoe. 

Block heels are everywhere. I obviously love this trend because I can't walk in stilettos (and I never could). Block heels are mom-friendly (did I just list that as a 'pro'?) so you can actually wear them while running after a toddler. I am loving this shoe in colors since my wardrobe is mainly black and colored shoes say 'I tried'. Depending on your budget (and calf strength) here are three beauties to consider:

Aquazzura $725 | Zara $59 | J. Crew $280

Happy shopping! 



Kitchen Goals

ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME? Dream kitchen, found.

Stumbled upon this glorious image on Instagram and realized it is basically what I was going for in my kitchen, but perfected. I could stare at this all day. I'm serious.

THE most amazing kitchen by Studio McGee

THE most amazing kitchen by Studio McGee

If Nick had only listened when I said I wanted to paint our cabinets black...argggh. This kitchen, by Studio McGee, is only one of the incredible rooms in the Park City 'Modern Mountain Home' they designed earlier this year. Check out the rest of this drool worthy residence here.

Filing this under 'Proof that color is overrated' and 'Don't ask your husband his opinion, just do it'. 

I think McGee and I were on similar wave lengths but operating on very different budgets in very different sized spaces. See for yourself:


These photos were from before we bought the house on one of our many walk-throughs.


BEFORE: The Great Room



Still some work to do in our kitchen but the face lift we preformed when we moved in is holding up pretty well.

We had the cherry wood cabinets painted Chelsea Grey (Benjamin Moore) and new quartz counter tops installed. Bye-bye cheesy black granite... The backsplash has now been tiled twice since we moved in. The first time was a classic white subway tile that turned out more like a psychedelic cobblestone road (read: shittily installed) and had to be ripped out. I used the opportunity to go for something more exciting: black. I love how the black matte tiles in the herringbone pattern came out but the backsplash still missing the open shelves I had planned on when we tore out the upper cabinets. We also need a new range and range hood but those are on the back burner for now (no pun intended). We replaced the old pendant lights with these from West Elm and updated the sink with a super deep basin and modern tap. The bar stools are West Elm but they don't sell them anymore, strange.

We tend to work on a tight budget but decided the all black Eames Eiffel chairs were worth the investment (and made a really easy Christmas list for the family. Thanks guys!). The table we scored at Crate & Barrel's floor sample sale and the rug is ever changing due to the bright California sunshine that bleaches anything I try to put there (this one is an old West Elm).

A few things left to tackle and decor-wise I would love add some potted plants on top of the cabinets. But for now, we are done(ish). 

Any suggestions on open shelves? We wanted wood floating but I think that would have had to happen prior to the tiling. Open to ideas!